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Explore the future of your game with the brand new Head Extreme Motion padel racket. This innovative tool is specially designed for advanced players who want to take their skills to the next level. Combining the most advanced innovation and extraordinary power, this racket will give you exceptional performance on the padel court.
The main feature of this racket is its hybrid hitting surface, which will provide you with extra power for explosive shots and precision games. Auxetic technology, Power Foam rubber and hybrid woven surface blend together, giving you a unique combination of power, control and sensitivity.
With its diamond shape, the Extreme Motion was designed for ambitious players like you, who want to maximize their gaming power. Compared to the PRO version, this racket is lighter, ensuring greater maneuverability and agility without compromising power.
Not only do we believe in the quality of this racket, but also Paula Josemaria, a respected name in the padel world, recommends it for its ability to adapt to versatile and powerful game strategies. Whether you're looking to land powerful shots or precisely target your opponents' weak points, the Head Extreme Motion padel racket is the right choice for you. Don't miss the opportunity to improve your game. Get your Head Extreme Motion padel racket now on MainPadel.com and experience extraordinary performance on the court!

Data sheet

  • Manufacturer: Head
  • Shape: Diamond
  • Player level: Advanced
  • Balance: Medium
  • Frame: Carbon and Graphene
  • Core: Power Foam
  • Surface: Hybrid woven
  • Finish: Rough
  • Weight: 350-370g