Padel Rackets Protectors

Head Antishock Skin Protector
The Head Antishock Skin protector protects the padel racket from bumps and scratches, ensuring better durability and resistance....
Varlion Protector Prisma Black
The lightest protector of the Varlion brand, designed with TPU injected with the new Varlion Prisma Protector will...
You will get maximum protection with the new Varlion Standard Silver Protector , injected with molded TPU to...
Bullpadel Protector Custom Weight
Protector Custom Weight by Bullpadel is a system of 3 balancing plates that allow you to change the...
Bullpadel Protector Hi Frame
The Bullpadel Hi Frame protector offers greater safety during the game, as it has a high level of...
Bullpadel Protector Frame Box
Box of 50 units of Bullpadel Frame protectors for padel rackets. These protectors adapt to any type of...
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Padel racket protectors

Padel racket protectors are an essential accessory. They allow you to play in total freedom, without having to worry about your racket being chipped or damaged during matches: in this way, you will always be able to give your best and your racket will thank you.

Applying the padel racket protectors is simple. Once the film has been removed, the protector should be delicately applied to the outside of the racket, so as to adhere perfectly to the surface. The Head protectors, Adidas, sold by, are made of polymers and very light, they will not weigh down the racket at all and will protect it against bumps and scratches.

The protectors are simple both to apply and to buy. Add all the protectors you need to your cart. Fill in all required fields. Done: the protectors will be sent directly to the address you specify.

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