AFP Courts and Mondo bring padel courts to life with the latest systems

AFP Courts , the company of the All For Padel group which develops, manufactures and installs padel courts already present in 16 countries, reaches an agreement with Mondo , a multinational company of Italian origin, leader in the production of sports facilities, to develop a prototype padel court of two exclusive blue colors with the use of the new STX Supercourt and STX synthetic turf systems, recently certified according to the new UNE 147301: 2018 standard. In this way, Mondo becomes a supplier of synthetic turf for the padel courts of AFP Courts and its premium line of Adidas Padel courts.

STX Supercourt , the same surface used for the World Padel Tour courts, stands out for the textured effect of its filaments which provide better balance, slip resistance, grip balance and improved safety and performance to offer players a It is excellent cushioning and maximum comfort. In the STX Supercourt, the sand penetrates between the filaments where it remains motionless providing excellent sporting function.

The other STX system integrates monofilaments of polyethylene and 9,000 dtex which guarantee better resistance, duration and a momentary recovery of the original position of the filaments of the lawn.

More information about Mondo's artificial turf systems for padel courts can be found here .

Photo credits: All For Padel

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  • May 02, 2019
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