A1 series of padel, particularities and useful information

As foreseen by the calendar, the first round of the 2020 national championship of the padel series took place last Sunday. The eight teams therefore kicked off the initial phase, which consists of a complete round-robin group , which determines the ranking, assigning 3 points for each inter-social match won, 1 point for each inter-social match drawn and 0 points for each inter-social match lost.

The first match was played between: CC Aniene , which boasts big Italian and international names such as Michele Bruno, Emily Stellato, Carolina Orsi, Valentina Tommasi, Saverio Palmieri, Emanuele Fanti, Marta Marrero, Pablo Lima, Lucas Bergamini and Lucas De Oliveira and CC Roma , which can count on Giulia Sussarello, Gian Marco Toccini, Delfina Brea and Javier Gonzalez. The victory was won by the Circolo Canottieri Aniene, who brought home a result of 3 to 1, beating CC Roma. Group A is completed by the Monviso Sporting Club , which hosts a team of very valid Italians, such as: Stefano Pupillo, who among other things is brand ambassador of the Sefht brand, Simone Licciardi, Benedetta Sobrero, Francesca Campigotto and Vilma Macheda and the Misano Out -Sun Padel , which is formed by: Sara D'Ambrogio, Luca Mezzetti, the world champion Juan Lebron and Lucia Sainz. The latter, which are distinguished from the others as they are the only non-Roman societies. They were also supposed to challenge each other on March 1st, but they postponed the clash to the 22nd of the same month.

Grouped in group B , we find: Orange Padel made up of very resonant names such as Fernando Belasteguin, Chiara Pappacena and Simone Cremona. The pluses of this year are Ariana Sanchez and Marcelo Capitani. The Seven One Sport hosts Alessia La Monaca, Lorenzo Rossi and Luciano Capra. Two Bridges mainly represented by Patricia Llaguno, José Antonio Garcia, Beatrice Campagna and Potito Starace. Finally Magic Padel which sports names of the caliber of Agustin Tapia, Maria Virginia Riera and Nicole Traviesa. The triumphant clubs of this group are: Orange Padel which with a crushing victory of 4 to 0 passes the round against the newly promoted Magic Padel, and the Seven One which gets a 3 to 1 against Due Ponti.

This initial period will conclude and establish the qualifications for the next stage. In fact, the first two classified in each group will access the following moment with the following game mode: round-robin or direct-elimination table with crossed semi-finals . The third-placed teams will remain in Serie A, while despite themselves, the fourth-placed teams will be relegated to Serie B.

We look forward to seeing the next steps. The next challenges will see as protagonists:

for group A :

- CC Aniene and Monviso SC;

- Misano SC and CC Rome.

While for group B :

- ASD Magic Padel and Seven one Sport

- Due Ponti and Orange Padelclub

We just have to say, may the best man win!

Source: https://www.federtennis.it

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  • Mar 06, 2020
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