For the first time in history the World Padel Tour arrives in Italy : Cagliari has been officially chosen as the first host city for the Sardegna Open which will be held from 6 to 13 September .

Everything is almost ready, there are just a few weeks left before the start of a unique event where the top players will compete to climb the world rankings. The best couples are expected such as Ale Galan and Juan Lebron , Paquito Navarro and Pablo Lima , Franco Stupaczuk and Sanyo Gutierrez , Fernando Belasteguin and Agustin Tapia . Among women Marta Marrero , Ariana Sanchez , Alejandra Salazar and others.

The World Padel Tour calendar has a duration of approximately 11 months, with stages taking place in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, France, Belgium, England and Sweden: a long journey across continents. Sardinia will be the only Italian stage of the event, curated by NSA Group in collaboration with the Sardinia Region, promoted to send a strong signal of rebirth and kick off a new post-Covid-19 "normality", confirming the image of “Safe Island”.


“We believe in sport as a tool for promoting our land, including tourism, and as a means of spreading the most authentic human values. The Sardegna Open, in the extraordinary international context of the World Padel Tour, represents a major global event through which we want to entrust a message of accessibility and safety to those who choose to visit our island. Sardinia naturally lends itself as a unique and unrepeatable scenario for hosting major sporting events and the decision to support this unique event on the national scene confirms this,” said the President of the Sardinia Region, Christian Solinas .

Luigi Carraro, President of the International Padel Federation also spoke about the importance of this event: “Padel in Italy is growing very fast, like in no other country. The assignment of this stage of the World Padel Tour to Cagliari is a reward to all those who are contributing to this authentic boom. I thank the Region of Sardinia which has supported us: the great world Padel lands in an extraordinary region for its beauty and hospitality and I thank the Italian Tennis Federation for what it has done and continues to do to promote our sport. Now we are preparing to experience this event: I invite the athletes to fight on the field and, at the same time, to do so while having fun like the tens of thousands of practitioners who have discovered the magic of our sport enjoy themselves every day".

Mario Hernando, general manager of the World Padel Tour , instead stated: “The arrival of the World Padel Tour in Italy is a long-awaited event. Both the Italian sporting tradition and the exponential growth of Padel enthusiasts deserve an opportunity like this. The decisive bet of the Sardinia Region on quality international sports and events, together with the support of the Italian Tennis Federation, the International Padel Federation and the local organizers, have been decisive elements for the arrival of the World Padel Tour in splendid Italy".

The main draw of the "Sardegna Open 2020" provides for the participation of 28 pairs (male/female). Specifically the first 22 of the world ranking, 2 wild cards, and 4 from the "previa" phase.

  • The best 22 pairs of the WPT ranking + 2 wild cards (World Padel Tour) will have direct access to the Main Draw.
  • In the "Previa" phase, on the other hand, 16 couples will be able to enter directly from the WPT ranking (8 couples for the women's circuit) and 8 couples from the "pre-previa" phase. This phase will lead to the identification of 4 couples then inserted in the main draw.
  • The following couples from the WPT ranking and 4 wild cards (3 for the women's circuit) chosen in collaboration with the FIT will be able to access the "Pre Previa" phase.

To follow all the developments of the Sardegna Open 2020 it will be possible to connect to the official website of the Tournament:

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  • Aug 18, 2020
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