Padel, Sport, Covid-19 and new Prime Ministerial Decree October 25, 2020

Following the signing of the Prime Minister's Decree on 25 October 2020 , further restrictions have arisen to deal with the constant and growing health emergency, which seriously affect the world of sport, enthusiasts, professionals and entrepreneurs in the sector.

SEFHT is close to all those who are part of the world of sport, with a special closeness to the world of Padel.

We believe that, without hiding some perplexities regarding the measures adopted, it is not useful to distract time and attention from the controversies but it is more useful to dedicate our energies to being able to do our best, in everyone's interest.

The restrictions are harsh, with a duration that is not yet certain.

However, we must make a community effort not to lose the minimum of freedom of action that has remained and which still allows us to be able to practice some activities outdoors, respecting the safety and prevention standards already known to all.

With a joint, coherent effort and once again adopting the measures already known with courage and patience, it will be possible to continue with a new acceptable normality.

Thus guaranteeing Padel, fun, aggregation (in safety) and also safeguarding work activities, jobs, related industries, linked to the world of Padel and Sport in general.

SEFHT wishes to strongly promote these values ​​and for this reason we are still reporting some useful links and information that can help clarify the behaviors to be adopted, limitations and freedoms related to the covid-19 emergency in Padel and in competitive and amateur sport.

Useful, as an absolute reference to understand the innovations introduced, the official press release of the FIT - Italian Tennis Federation which clarifies in detail the impacts on competitive and non-competitive competitions, outdoor and indoor activities.

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