Padel, the fundamentals

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We have produced a series of more than 10 original clips dedicated to Padel.

For this production, SEFHT was lucky enough to count on the support of an excellent Technical Team and the player Alfonso Sánchez Arriaga , a young promise of Spanish Padel and already n. 169 of the Spanish ranking as well as n. 4th overall in the Castilla y Leon padel circuit.

The production focuses on the fundamentals of Padel. Short and very dynamic clips where we can better appreciate each gesture required for a correct execution of the shots. Choosing a young player allows us to better appreciate some nuances that are not always easy to grasp through the videos of official matches.

We are convinced that the vision of this production will be a good element of analysis and study and that, above all, it will make you want to run on the field and have fun!

Enjoy your vision and Happy Padel everyone!

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  • Oct 04, 2018
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