Eco-friendly padel by SEFHT

In collaboration with Chilly's and therefore strictly eco-friendly, SEFHT has created a limited edition of ecological and reusable bottles , a modern and elegant product designed to combine convenience and eco-benefits in a simple bottle.

The limited edition bottles are available in our catalogue .

The philosophy that led us to the creation of this product is our love for an active life, sport, entertainment, respect for the balance of nature.

Spending a lot of time training, or during challenges with friends, or in the most demanding competitions, we need to drink lots of water, but by now we know very well how much irreparable damage the classic plastic bottles cause to the environment.

We are responsible for small everyday actions, we must change habits and commit ourselves to an increasingly eco-friendly life ! The change must start from us! To accelerate the adoption and daily use of reusable products, the idea was born of creating ecological and reusable bottles in partnership with Chilly's.

Produced with an innovative double layer vacuum technology, they allow us to maintain the temperature of our favorite drinks for up to 24 hours. The 500 ml bottle is light and resistant, easy to use even on the go. It is 100% leak-proof and non-condensing thanks to the airtight seal. Furthermore, it does not alter or retain any smell or taste. 

You can only find the best padel rackets on SEFHT!

  • Jul 23, 2019
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