Alphapadel and SEFHT - New collaboration

SEFHT and Alphapadel announce the start of a collaboration that will make available a selection of Alphapadel rackets on SEFHT. Both brands will thus be able to reach new growth prospects among the most loyal customers.

The Italian brand Alphapadel is inspired by the stars, the constellation of the dragon, where energy, harmony and strength merge. Alpha is the brightest star in every constellation, representing the initiation in every field and the dominant element in every group. In 2013, thanks to the great competence of the Spanish experts and the talent of a Roman graphic designer, Alphapadel created its first series of rackets, giving them the names of three dragons: Urrax, Syrax and Lenora. Since then this brand has always aimed to be the best possible choice for lovers of this fantastic sport.

Currently, the latest Alphapadel collection includes more than fifteen models of rackets for all types of games, a line of men's and women's technical and sports clothing, various accessories and, in addition, it has structures for padel courts, branded equipment and accessories Alphapadel.

For SEFHT it is a great honor to be able to offer all its customers a brand of excellence that represents the best of Made in Italy design applied to the game of Padel.

You can only find the best padel rackets on SEFHT!

  • Nov 28, 2018
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