Choosing the ball in Padel: why choose Babolat Padel Court.

When you think of Padel, the main tool we talk about most often is the racket , the qualities, materials and shape. Anyone who plays padel knows that even a good padel ball can improve the game (and a lot! ).

The Babolat brand has recently launched a restyling of the most famous Babolat Padel+ on the market, which have now become the new Babolat Padel Court .

Why choose Babolat Padel Court?

The external design has been renewed with an elegant look and a matte finish maintaining the bright and vibrant colors of the brand, the new Babolat Padel Court are intended for those who prefer a fast and dynamic game .
Suitable for medium and high level players , it guarantees shot control and great playing comfort.

In optimal atmospheric conditions the ball lends itself to an excellent yield on the field, even in slightly damp conditions it maintains a high yield while still offering an excellent game.

At Sefht you can buy Babolat Padel Court balls and everything you need to play Padel at an excellent quality / price ratio!

  • Jun 30, 2021
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