The difficult choice of the best padel racket in 2021

2021 begins and the Padel market doesn't stop!

The “padel fever” does not stop and we see that some brands are working tirelessly to increase production and improve padel rackets , research new solutions and technologies to meet the needs of the best players.

Let's analyze some of the most requested rackets and brands that have enjoyed the most success since the beginning of 2021 such as Head , Wilson and Sane.


Impossible to think of HEAD and not have in mind the image of the padel wizards Sanyo Gutierrez and Ari Sanchez , current number 1 in the WPT women's ranking for the first time in his career.

We come immediately to the main topic or what all non-professional players are looking for: a racket capable of combining control and power.
Head has launched the new Head Graphene 360 ​​Alpha Pro 2021 , which has become a multipurpose padel racket that combines the two most requested characteristics, thanks to its teardrop shape and central balance.

Los Magos del Padel

Thanks to the Smart Bridge technology, an innovative design of the heart, allows for greater stability, together with a core in Power Foam.
This makes for a perfect balance between power and comfort.
So powerful shots, while maintaining control of the ball coming out of the racket.

Sanyo Gutierrez will play with this model in 2021.


Another of the big brands that will characterize the world of padel in 2021 is SANE, thanks to the new and extensive collection of rackets for every type of player.
Pioneer brand of Padel to have invented the rubber core and bring the racket to the levels we all know today.

The great models like Sane Agressor 4 or Magic 2.0 Pro Carbon 3D, which offer the player an incredible mix of sensations.
It is worth highlighting that these are models designed for Advanced level players.

healthy rackets 2021

The Agressor 4 model, one of the TOPs in the new SANE 2021 collection. It offers more surface area thanks to its Oversize size.
It is undoubtedly a very balanced racket, it has a medium-high balance which gives the player a very versatile game capable of precisely controlling many aspects of his game.
With a texture in Carbon Textur 12K + Innegra, with a hybrid core capable of withstanding large impacts in a flexible way, it enjoys greater resistance even in the face of aggressive attacking play.

Without a doubt, SANE offers ample possibilities to improve one's game according to the characteristics of the player.


Fernando Belasteguin, the king of padel, switched to Wilson last year.
After 10 years of great success with Head and having set the highest standards for the world of padel.

In his new adventure with WILSON, Bela and the prestigious brand have designed and produced the BELA collection.
This is divided into PRO, ELITE and TEAM.
The Wilson Bela Pro, the racket that Fernando Belasteguin plays with, has become one of the most requested rackets on the market and let's see why.

Wilson Bela 2021

This model offers UNIQUE superior control. Made of Premium carbon which translates into immediate power and very fast recovery times.
The racket also has a texture able to improve the effect on the ball, increasing the SPIN more easily.
This racket also has a personal touch on the safety cord with Bela's favorite quote written by her daughter:

“A Belasteguin never gives up”.

The EVA rubber generates very solid and clean shots. The Arrow-Grip texture offers great sensations and greater effect.
The Shock Shield handle guarantees grip and protection with every shot.

You can only find the best padel rackets on SEFHT!

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