The Padel for children

More and more people have approached Padel in recent years, never before has Padel belonged to children!
In fact, many very young people have started
practicing this wonderful sport.

The main manufacturers, over time, have adapted to the needs of the youngest by creating specific Junior collections. The main characteristics of the Junior rackets are the captivating colors , with fun designs and light materials, without sacrificing quality.

Even the clubs have already started offering courses for very young people and teenagers who intend to start playing Padel.

The minimum age for starting lessons is around 7-8 years old .
Padel helps children develop excellent motor and visual coordination , without forgetting movement which is always beneficial to all ages.

Padel is certainly much appreciated by young people thanks to the ease of the rules and the possibility of immediately putting into practice the concepts taught by the masters in the course with the first matches.

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  • Apr 16, 2021
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