Big changes and important confirmations, for the World Padel Tour

As is now known, the start of the new season of the World Padel Tour 2020, the most important professional padel tournament in the world, is very close. This year there are 22 official competitions including 5 Masters, 13 Opens, 1 WOPen, 1 Final Master and 2 exhibitions.

From the publication of the official calendar, it can be stated that the start will be given in Marbella, at the beginning of March (March 2-8). The first of the 13 Spanish stages.

The international circuit will cross several countries including: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal and Sweden.

The big news for 2020 is that the WPT will make its debut in Belgium (September 28-October 4) and Italy (August 31-September 6). As far as the blue appointment is concerned, it is not yet known where it will actually be played. Two cities emerge from the rumors: Cagliari and Rome. Indeed, we are very eager to know the actual goal.

The final master, which will undoubtedly give us thrilling and exciting matches, will take place in Madrid from 17 to 20 December.

2020 world padel tour

Important changes affect the couples who will face each other on the pitch. The most important revolution concerns the men's side, which saw last year's combinations change almost entirely, mixing the cards on the table between the greats of Padel. The only ones we still find side by side are Belasteguin and Tapia, who renew the collaboration that began last year. The new combinations are made up of: Lima and Navarro (n.1 in the world ranking) who return to play together again as in 2018. Galan (n.3 in the world ranking) and Lebron (n.1 in the world ranking), a young 100% Spanish couple. Then we find the Argentines Gutierrez and Stupaczuk and finally Diaz and Sanchez a very attractive couple for the 2016-2017 vintage.

Even the female world was the curtain of various variations. Marta Marreo and Marta Ortega, dominatrixes of 2019, separate to play respectively with Paula Josemaria and Beatriz Gonzalez. Among the new couples, the one made up of the Portuguese Ana Caterina Nogueira and the Argentine Delfi Brea stands out, the only non-Spanish athletes. Reconfirmed however, the pairing formed by the twins Majo Sanchez Alajeto and Mapi Sanchez Alajeto. The couple to beat, given the gap of the reigning champions, becomes: Alejandra Salazar and Ariana Sanchez. finally, the inseparable Lucia Sainz and Gemma Triay, a stable couple since 2016.

We can't wait to see these champions at work, who will take to the field gritty and fierce as they have already shown us in the previous seven editions. We will be spectators of suggestive and engaging matches. The champions will compete to the point of exhaustion to win the point that will determine the victory. There will certainly be twists and challenges at the last service.

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