Padel BOOM, new clubs, fields and sports facilities

2020, characterized and marked by the Pandemic that has hit the whole world, has also profoundly changed the habits of all of us.

The way we work, socialize, travel, think and organize our moments of sport and entertainment has changed.
The game of padel, along with a few other sports, is one of the most successful activities in the context of the new normal in 2020 of the covid-19.

Padel is a sport that naturally respects the rules of social distancing.

The impossibility of practicing other sports that have different characteristics and are incompatible with the rules of distancing has led the general public to approach Padel with greater strength and enthusiasm.

The market required the construction of new fields and facilities

Within a few months, the sports facilities dedicated to Padel were saturated and proved insufficient to support the demand of the exponentially growing market.

Even the large channels for the resale and distribution of Padel items, of which SEFHT is the undisputed leader in the Italian market, among the first exponents at European level, have adapted to the new trend.

The increase in demand has led us to enrich the catalog of padel rackets and clothing dedicated to every type of player, also improving the offer dedicated to young and very young people: the new true padel enthusiasts!

SEFHT has renewed and improved its structure to best meet the new demand

We have improved organizational processes to guarantee quick deliveries, at reasonable prices, guaranteeing the usual quality.

New SEFHT Stores and Corners have been born which guarantee a direct and immediate point of contact with all enthusiasts.

Entrepreneurs, Masters, Federation and Sponsors

The growth of Padel has also been supported by the exponential increase of new clubs and specialized structures. Thanks to the commitment of entrepreneurs, masters and professionals, of the Italian tennis federation, 2020 was therefore also the year of the "new padel courts".

From 1151 fields in 2019 to over 1800 in 2020 and over 800 clubs!

Here are some numbers linked to growth, useful only for understanding what is happening and sharing together the pleasure of seeing that today there are so many of us!

In Italy today there are 1,831 fields capable of handling over 9,155 90' shifts per day , hosting 36,620 athletes every day! These numbers, estimated on conservative averages, lead to a total of over 2 million games each year .

The game, the sport of Padel is now a mass phenomenon in full growth that unites all of us enthusiasts at Italian and European level.
Here are some numbers from official sources. It should also be considered that these numbers do not take into account the more than 300 fields being delivered and set up in January 2021 throughout the national territory.

You can only find the best padel rackets on SEFHT!

  • Jan 02, 2021
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