Adidas Metalbone 3.2

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The new Adidas Metalbone 3.2 is the most advanced racket you can hold. An arsenal of technology that will allow you to take your game to another galaxy. The Octagonal Structure technology, exclusive to Metalbone, increases the structural rigidity of the racket, making it more stable. On the surface of the racket we find the Spin Blade system, a relief that helps generate more spin on each shot. With the Weight & Balance System it is possible to customize the profile of your game thanks to the removable weight system integrated into the core of the racket. You can add or subtract up to 12 grams and change the balance of the racket to your liking. More attack or more control, you decide. The Aluminized Carbon surface and Eva Soft Performance rubber offer a unique combination of power and comfort.

Data sheet

  • Manufacturer: Adidas
  • Shape: Oversized Diamond
  • Balance: 285mm high
  • Player Level: Advanced
  • Rubber: Eva Soft Performance
  • Fibre: Carbon Aluminized 2 T0 1
  • Weight: 345-360g (0+12)
  • Thickness: 38mm
  • Protection: 3M Metalbone